The impetus to work…

It’s different for all of us, I know. Some people work well under pressure. Some work for joy. Some, like my Wifey, work for pastéis.

She is, at this moment, calculating the number of pastéis she will be able to buy with her next translation paycheck.

You’ve got to respect a girl’s true love of custard.



One thought on “The impetus to work…

  1. Shout OUT!! To custard tarts, coffee, yummy food, translation paychecks, overworked tiny heaters that are going to send the electricity bill through the roof, laundry hanging from the veranda, the sweetest old lady cutting in front of me in line at Pingo Doce… these are the days of our lives. The small, day to day things are what really count. Forget the anthropological study, but keep up the commentary! It goes so well with a pastel de nata and a cafe 🙂

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