There’s an Onion for this…

I stumbled upon an abandoned blog of mine yesterday. I don’t remember the password for it, and the comments are full of spam. You see, kids, back when I was young, I had another blog.

The blog survived for two glorious months in 2005. I used it as a sounding board and sharing post for interesting articles in anthropology. It was highly specialized (i.e., interesting only to me) and full of useful article chunks… more of an online, casually annotated bibliography. It was…sweet.

I wish I remembered that password, for old time’s sake.

It made me think of what other cyberjunk I’ve left floating in cyberspace. I know I discarded a myspace somewhere…and of course a friendster page…I have a hi5 page that I still check at least once every several months (it’s on the brink of extinction). I had a webpage my first year of university (1998?). Wow.

Thus the Onion reference.

My commentary ends here. The Onion has covered the rest. 🙂

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