Chow, nuts, and rock n’ roll…(Roasted Rosemary Walnuts recipe via

I’m new to Chow, but from what I’ve seen, I like.

The post that drew me into the website was on birthday etiquette regarding an all-carne meal for a birthday girl with vegan friends in the mix. I didn’t necessarily agree with the moderator’s advice, but I loved the vibe of the site. The writing is a bit rock-and-roll without being over-the-top hipster-snob, the recipes are things that I and people I hang with would eat, and it’s full of nerdy goodness to boot.

Now, I get recipes from Chow sent to my email account. Some of them I read, some I discard immediately, some I pass onto girlfriends in hopes that they are more ambitious than I and will eventually feed the completed dish to me.

This morning, they sent a recipe that was so simple yet so perfect for any gathering…one of those things I’d just do on the fly. I love that they think of these little things and send out handy reminders during the holidays. Because, honestly, when you’re shit out of luck and trying to throw a casual-yet-classy snack table together, sometimes you forget about the basics.

Enter Roasted Rosemary Walnuts. Hackable with any nut (and a variety of other edible substances, I’m sure), this is an elegant snack.

Nice, Chow, nice.

Roasted Rosemary Walnuts Recipe

Difficulty: Easy


Total: 25 mins

Active: 5 mins

Makes: 8 to 10 servings (5 cups)

Roasted Rosemary WalnutsSee More in the Gallery

By Amy Wisniewski

Nuts and booze are a tried-and-true combination for any happy hour or cocktail party. Here the addition of rosemary and black pepper classes up the combo without getting too fussy.

Game plan: These nuts will last up to 10 days stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

This recipe was featured as part of both our Academy Awards Cocktail Party menu and our Bar Snacks photo gallery.

…get the rest at


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