It’s not a retreat…it’s a tactical maneuver.

My preparation was strategic- cunning, even. Leggings, sweatpants, jeans, thick socks. Thermal top layered over thermal top.

I was, in a hyphenated word, well-prepared.

Despite the chill in the air, I did the normal morning tasks… and then, in a tactical maneuver, after evaluating the conditions and my abilities to adapt, I returned to the bedroom.

I have my laptop, agenda, Portuguese workbook, a flannel blanket, and pillows upon which I may prop myself. It is, in another word, ideal.

It is also very chilly here in Mafrica.

My puppy has also relocated to his bed, sans laptop.

Dinner… it will involve store-bought pastry crust. I’m not sure what else, however. We don’t have eggs (and I’m not walking to the corner store unless absolutely necessary), so no quiche. I’m imagining something involving a white bean purée, maybe a shepherd’s pie sort of riff…. (the oven warms the kitchen nicely…ahhhh)


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