Read this now: Wonderment Woman: The Mark Zuckerberg moral: Entrepreneurship of Terrorism?

Get past the title, and read this. It’s worth your while.


From Wonderment Woman.

The Mark Zuckerberg moral: Entrepreneurship or Terrorism?

poy_cover_z_1215Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is TIME magazine’s person of the year.  That has unleashed voluble outrage, particularly on Twitter.  “The world is off its rocker,” one Twitterer commented.  “Ridiculous,” noted another.  Among the 140 character crowd Wikileaks’s Julian Assange seemed to be the favorite.  (Definitely not mine.)

TIME notes that “person of the year” isn’t an honor.  It’s recognizing “the person who ‘for better or worse’ had done the most to change the news.”  Past “persons of the year” have included Churchill, Gandhi, Einstein, Hitler, Kenneth Starr and the Ayatollah Khomeini. (Sadly, there aren’t a lot of women).  The magazine’s current managing editor, Richard Stengel, notes (as VentureBeat reports) that Zuckerberg’s selection was based on the fact that his creation of Facebook is “both indispensible and a little scary.”

That’s an important characterization, which extends to Zuckerberg himself.

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