Baby, it’s cold inside…

Until the other night, I hadn’t watched television in ages. Don’t be misled—I haven’t been considering all things instead.  I watch plenty of television shows online—I just don’t use the actual television set we own.

It’s not that it isn’t a nice TV—it’s a respectable flat screen Samsung with the requisite HDTV of our time. The problem is that it is winter in Mafrica, and the room in which the television set resides is I-see-dead-people cold. I don’t, as a habit, even go in there. When I clean the house, I’ll often forget that room. We could easily go a week with neither of us venturing back there. And it isn’t that we reside in a palatial apartment. It is, of course, sufficient and quite cozy (I rather like it here, complete with the ‘punctuation’ that the 70’s style Portuguese construction offers). No, I’d just rather curl up in the warmest-location-of-any-given-day with my laptop and look up recipe ideas, send emails, Skype, write a bit, and watch…and play with my lil’ puppy.

However, there was a Benfica game on, so my man turned on the space heater well in advance (he’s a great planner…sigh.) For those of you not currently living in Portugal, central heating isn’t a thing here. From what I think I understand, it’s just too expensive so almost no one has it, and if they do have it, they almost never use it. In our building, we just don’t have it. What we do have are two hard-working space heaters. What we don’t have is the electrical circuitry equipped to handle both at once.

Two heaters working + anything else= Timor-style black-out.


Wordsmith that I am, there’s no central point to this particular post. The gist, however, can be summarized as such:

  • We have an unused, cold room during the winter
  • I watch a lot of online television
  • There is not much central heating in Portugal
  • My power goes out if I have two heaters going at once, and that sucks during the cold winter.

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