Post-Christmas Funk (upside: Healthy snack, and healthy roasted veggie soup)

To be fat and hungry is to be truly woebegone. These dregs of winter– the post-holiday months of cold weather with no buildup to festivities– are particularly cruel in that they leave us with a post-holiday bloat and a stomach with an expanded capacity.

Essentially, this sucks.

Like most stereotypical folks, my man and I are trying to recover from our holiday overindulgences. I still bake, but I bake healthy, yummy dog treats for my puppy.  My man and I don’t get baked goods anymore. We are banned from my oven.

Ok. Not banned. Yesterday, I roasted a big tray of veggies– turnips (my first time!), sweet potatoes, a carrot, red pepper (capsicum), a couple of onions, a bulb of garlic and just a drizzle of olive oil, some sea salt, and later in the roasting, a drizzle of red wine to make some tasty roast-juice…. And then, the sweet, hint-of-carmelization, savory mess went into a massive pot of water on the stove. Some leftover rice (that I’d pretty much massacred by adding too much veggie boullion) went in as well. 4 fresh bay leaves went it. It boiled. I whacked it with the immersion blender.

Super-tasty roasted vegetable soup was made.

So, that’s pretty healthy. I’ve been falling prey to sugar spirals, however… From time to rare time, I’ll do the mature thing and eat a mango or an apple, but usually, I’m cold, I’m grumpy about being cold, and I’m feeling like filling that grump-cavern with sugar. It’s never pretty. Not ever.

Today, however, I committed myself to not eating unrefined sugars (at least not in the binge-on-crap sense)…I’ve been grumpier than usual the past couple of days, and I think the extra swings in blood sugar are at least contributing to that. So, this afternoon, when coffee-and-fatty-carb-sugar time came around, I made a wholesome, filling, satisfying, tasty, and substantial snack. Low calorie? No. Better than the series of cookies-chocolate-gummies-meringues I would have otherwise eaten? Yes.

Here’s what I had:

About a cup of oats, mixed with boiling water. 3 roasted cacao beans, crushed into nibs. About a tablespoon of honey. A small handful of almonds.

It was good. It was hot, and I left it dry enough that it wasn’t unlike eating hot, just made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies… It was a bit easier on my poor, pre-diabetic body as well.

It’s three hours later, and I’m content sipping green tea until dinner. That’s success, folks 🙂


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