Dark side of the Moon…

Alternative title: My apartment in Mafrica.

But let me digress…

Mafrica is a beautiful little town. We have the traditional Portuguese stone sidewalks, lots of teeny, ancient, adorable houses and teeny streets… great bakeries, lovely green spaces and a park, nice roads, hills, lots of green in general, yuppie shops, and a national palace to take photos of when you need a postcard. The heart of Mafrica is greatness.

I live just down the hill from the heart of Mafrica. I’m within very quick walking distance to all of it, mind you…  really, attached to it. But there’s a distinct barrier between my apartment and The Greatness… I live on the dark side of the moon. (Complete the metaphoric buildup on your own.)

My apartment is cold. My neighborhood is windy. The empty field where I take puppy to wander gets some sun from time to time, but it is in a bizarro wind tunnel, as is the rest of our building. Mafrica, in general, is known for being more humid and rainy than other parts of Lisbon district. My apartment is at the epicenter of this damp coldness. All “ick” radiates from here.

So, most days this winter, it has been cold and dark and often rainy… this generally applies for the rest of the town, I THINK. But I’m questioning this. I’ll tell you why.

Puppy and I took a walk around town today because the sun came out. At all. We were pumped. I left the house with a hat, gloves, and winter coat. I needed these accoutrements for about a city block….then the sun was suddenly warm. The wind changed to a gentle breeze.  People were walking around with their coats off. Only I was bundled for the blustery cold.

We had a lovely, happy, sun-filled walk.The gloves came off. The coat unzipped. The hat stayed on because, you know, hat hair.

Within a block of the Epicenter of Cold Dampness, the gloves went on, the coat zipped up, and I began wishing I had long underwear on to keep more of the chill out.

Not cool.


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