A light brain snack, just to tide me over…

Listening to: Lush on Soma FM

Worked on: editing, formatting, proofing manual for fisherfolk…

Ate (lunch): Cheese tortellini in a super light red wine, zucchini, leek sauce. Threw together a small cheese-filled pastry. Caramel ice-cream for dessert, covered with vanilla espresso shot.

Drank (lunch): Spumante. Sweet.

Consumed: too much coffee, as per usual. Also had an intimate moment with a couple of generic-but-delicious twix bars dunked in coffee.

Read about: Mongols and Climate Change; Doggie Suicide; Brain Tumors, Black Swan, and Sex Toys; Carbon-taxing Carnivorism; Aunt Becky’s bad Ex experience...

Communicated with: a few really good friends/beloveds on Skype/Gmail Chat…

Appreciated: My life; my age; my dog; my too-good-to-be-true husband, my friendships, my health, my hair, my metabolism (strained as it may be this winter), my calm, my intellectual capacity, my life-balance, my work…

Not bad…and it isn’t even time for dinner yet 🙂












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