Bits and pieces…( Random-ish articles and pages on the net that entertained me today :) )

And not in the naughty sense….

I thought I’d share a few pieces of goodness I stumbled onto today….

I Found

Groovy antique/estate/resale goodness with an online store. Based in Vancouver. They have tools as well as jewelry, so wherever you fall in the ‘upcycling’ spectrum, there’s something worth peeking at.

Less Greenhouse Gas from Farming

This is a quick but interesting piece regarding farming practices and the environment. It comes out of Missouri, thus is of my people, but the issue is relevant to Australians too…and pretty much everyone else (we’re all in it, folks). Anyway, this will make you a weensie bit smarter, and if you feel a little brain-dead, it might spark a bit of thought from a part of your brain you weren’t using.

The majority of the world’s nitrous oxide emissions come from agriculture in the U.S. But researchers at the University of Missouri – Columbia have found a way to limit the greenhouse gas without making farmer’s lives more difficult. In fact the technique can also help farmers save money and improve their yields.

Centenarian Advice on a Long Life

This is just some cool, logical, direct analysis about advice and old age. Worth a read. It might give you a smirk 🙂

Damn You, Autocorrect

Absolutely useless and time wasting. See esp “Two Hours” 🙂 (The first couple until ‘Two Hours’ are lame.)

Versaille, navigable, on Google.

This is of superior coolness. Thanks to a FB friend who shared…. I’m loving the concept, and I hope this spreads… I get the same feeling exploring this as I did when I first explored MYST back in middle school. 🙂

(Check out for a little bit of orientation first. )


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