Switching gears back to food…Calzone Dough recipe from vegweb.com

I tried this recipe for Calzone Dough from vegweb.com, and I really liked it.  One batch was good for 4 calzones and pizza.

And now, the requisite disclaimer:

When I say I “tried” a recipe, I mean, implicitly (unless otherwise noted) that I used that recipe as an idea base for whatever it is that I made. In this case, I used the ingredients listed, and I think I eyeballed most of them for roughly the proportions listed. Of course, I threw in lots more spice (heaps of oregano, red pepper, and garlic powder) than suggested. The cooking time and temperature was all eye-balled, as per usual.

The dough is good. The olive oil crust is satisfying and flavorsome, yet light and crispy and golden… Just yummy goodness. I recommend it. So does My Man.



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