Jerkensteins! All of you!

Ok. Just some of you. Sigh.


So you aren’t reading my blog. And that’s reasonable, I suppose, except for the fact that there are two of you (hyperbole? you’ll never know.) and I have to harass you every time before you read it.


The most obvious explanation is that my blog sucks, but I reject the ordinary today.


For my Valentine’s Day gift, I want some comments, Damnit. Maybe even go to my actual blog (if you get the email digest, take that extra step and go to my page!). Send me some love. Tell me what you want more of. Tell me what you want less of. Or not. Just show up. My standards are fairly low for you, readers. Any sign of life is progress.


Slackers. 😉


Alright. Happy Valentine’s day. Eat some good chocolate and wear some red. Or do whatever  you want, and use V-day as an excuse 🙂


Lots of love, Gangstas.


One thought on “Jerkensteins! All of you!

  1. OK.Guilty. I rarely actually go to you blog but I love reading the email versions of your ramblings. So keep it up, don’t stop! I’ll try think of more constructive response while I lie in bed some more…. moras. moras barak 😦 tummy bug! yuk. On the upside I got a day in bed while Tim slaved away with the kids! Was ALMOST worth vomiting for the last 24 hours! Ha xx

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