Coming Soon…. Reader Appreciation Day!

In the end of the tale, the Grinch’s heart turned from stone to something warm and squishy. A more creative (read: more fastidious) person than I could probably turn this into a Valentine’s Day allegory.

That ain’t me.

However, I got some reader love on Valentine’s Day. Really great reader love.  I got reader love that took dedication. Jo (forever known as the coolest neighbor I’ve ever had) responded to my poignant plea from bed. In between bouts of vomiting. On Valentine’s Day.

I salute you, Jo. You are, in a word, totally-freaking-awesome. (That’s still one word.)

I’ve been mulling over my sending-love-back options today, but I haven’t struck gold. I was thinking of running a ‘home remedies for the nauseous” special, but hopefully the utility will be short-lived (because the editorial We– and the real We– are hoping for your speedy recovery…with extra time in bed…just in case 🙂 )

I’m also considering a top-ten alcoholic beverages spread, but I’m very open to suggestion.

Other Reader(s), Jo, Walk-Ins– what is the best way to give back some Reader Appreciation Love? Suggestions requested and welcome!

Until RAD (Reader Appreciation Day seems even cooler when reduced to acronym form), I’ll simply say “thanks”…not just for writing in, but for being you. I’m sure that looks lame on a computer screen, but we’ve got enough quality time racked up for me to feel confident that you feel the sincerity.

Lots of love, and get well soon! (And props to your man 🙂 Awesome-Husband duty counts as a really good Valentine… Lancelot represented well with roses and sparkling wine. Of course 😉 )


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