chocolate shortbread fingers (via The Moonlight Baker)

Sweet Mother, these look good. And easy. Dangerously easy.

In addition, The Moonlight Baker has great photography. Her desserts freak me out (in that good way). Her blog is aesthetically pleasing. Her “brief list” in this post cracks me up.

That’s right, folks. I’m a new fan 🙂

Enjoy this one, too. And if you make these and we live in the same country and you don’t give me some, I won’t forgive you. Ever.

chocolate shortbread fingers Over the past five or so months, I have learned an abundance about blogging.  Food blogging, in particular.  Shall I share a brief list with you?  Why not! 1.) As a new blogger, the majority of your readers are friends or family.  Really, this is not all that surprising. 2.) Blogging is addicting.  Fact. 3.) Your computer hard-drive becomes overloaded with pictures. 4.) The absurd quantity of pictures seems even more absurd when you consider the … Read More

via The Moonlight Baker


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