If Geographical Proximity were not a factor…(AKA, here’s what we’d be drinking by now…)

We’d be mixing these up and sitting down to some extra-trippy BabyTV right about now…

Now, the standard, of course, is a good, solid, crazy-strong gin and tonic with lots of lime. However, I thought I might mix it up a bit (skip over that pun) and find some drinks that look like fun and that I haven’t tried yet.

All of the drinks below are easy to make. All of the drinks are relatively inexpensive to make (screw you, economic crisis! you can’t take our booze away!). And all of the drinks are taken from chow.com. Those folks know booze. 🙂

SOME of the drinks, you might notice, don’t necessarily look alcoholic. Sometimes this is handy when 99% of your social interactions involve children and you don’t want your nuggets thinking you are a booze hound. Be careful that your nuggets don’t get a hold of your “root beer”, though… otherwise they’ll have an early nap time.

Galliano appears in a number of these. I did NOT know what Galliano was until now. Here’s a link to the Galliano website: http://www.galliano.com/

It’s an Italian spirit. And it should be easy enough to locate in a liquor shop since it seems to pop up in so many recipes. Man. Now I’m kind of surprised I don’t have some on my shelf.  ANYWAY…

1. Yeah. Keep this one out of children’s reach. Actually, keep them all out of children’s reach. Hm. (Sorry…I just had a brief fantasy about making this into an alcoholic root beer float…)

Root Beer (alcoholic) Recipe

Root Beer (alcoholic)

… Get the recipe at http://www.chow.com/recipes/10237-root-beer-alcoholic
2. Looks like moonshine…fresh from the garden…and a “medicinal” excuse. Sounds like a winner to me 😉 (I’d use vodka, however…I don’t know if it is worth buying a bottle of Everclear for this… that stuff always sounded nasty to me. Ok. Digressing. Keep reading.)

Basil Digestif Recipe

…Recipe at http://www.chow.com/recipes/11963-basil-digestif
3. Hehehehhe. “Harvey Wallbanger“. Well, since you’ve already got that bottle of Galliano, you might as well class up your screwdriver…

Harvey Wallbanger Recipe

Harvey Wallbanger

Recipe at http://www.chow.com/recipes/10202-harvey-wallbanger
4.The gimlet seems more elegant and less colonial than the gin and tonic…but I think it hits some of the same sweet spots 😉 (You can’t drink as much volume, though 😦 …hmmmm)

Gimlet Recipe


Enjoy these recipes for now… but remember, if you find yourself seriously considering the purchase of any of these gadgets, you may need to seek help. 🙂


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