What up, my knishes?

We’re having knishes and watercress salad for lunch. It’s gonna be awesome.

Knishes… mmmm…. I don’t know if mine are technically knishes, but I’m calling them knishes, and my husband won’t argue, so I think we’re good.

Here’s why I love them:

  • no recipe needed. TOTALLY wing-able, hackable, and fixable if you f@ck something up.
  • CARBS! (but not too fat-bastard)
  • Use things that taste good. If you do that, it’s hard to mess this up.
  • They take a little bit of time, but not too much.
  • You can make a bunch ahead of time and freeze them.
  • You can make a few ahead of time, refrigerate overnight, and throw them in the oven for  fresh-baked lunch 🙂

If you haven’t made them before, you should try. Here’s roughly how to do it.

Make some pastry-ish dough. I used self-rising flour (though it doesn’t really matter), some salt, liberal amounts of spices (including garlic powder, red pepper, and oregano), water, and olive oil.

Before you mess with the dough, quarter some potatoes and boil them. When they are all soft and yummy, drain, rinse in cold water, and let them cool. Enjoy how easy it is to pull the skin off the potatoes 😉

Sauté some other ingredients that you would like to taste mixed into your mashed potato filling. I did TVP (textured vegetable protein) flakes with lots of garlic and leeks.

Throw your coolish potatoes into a bowl and smoosh them up with a big spoon. Throw in some salt and pepper and maybe more garlic powder (if you are me) and keep mixing those bad boys up. Then mix the sauté mixture into the potatoes.

Divide your pastry-ish dough into balls about the size of the center of the palm of your hand. Roll and stretch them out and then take big spoonsful of the potato mixture (or small handsful. whatev. your kitchen.) and put in the center of the dough. Wrap ’em up like dumplings or gyoza or steamed buns or anything else you wrap pastry around. Don’t stress about the messy bit that doesn’t come together smoothly. Make a decent package as best you can, and then put the ugly part on the bottom (it’ll be baking-tray-side). From the top, your knish-like-substance can look a bit like a potato.

Ok. So my directions suck, but you get the general concept and you should feel confident to play with this. These are hard to screw up. And they are fun to squish around in your hands. Play with the basic recipe, and you’ll perfect it in no time. Tweak at will. This is a good basic. And if you already know how to cook/bake, then feel free to send in your own knish recipe and I’ll put it up!

Since I made mine last night, I don’t need much prep time before lunch. And THAT means I can put together a quick solidarity post for my Soul Neighbor (Yeah, you got a tag now! Deal with THAT!).

[See photos of my Knishes here ]

Keep it real, folks.



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