Why I’ll never be a food blogger…

Sigh. I love food. I love cooking. I love eating. I love sharing. Alas, I’ll never be a food blogger. Here’s why:

1. My kitchen has no natural light. Even on sunny days. But for 6 months of the year, we don’t have sunny days. I have an aging, struggling fluorescent bulb in the middle of the ceiling in the kitchen. Unless I make a light box and decide to make a concerted effort to take photographs of food as I’m preparing it and after I’ve completed the dish, I’m not gonna make the cut. People want pretty. Since most of what I make is simple, easy, and quick, pausing for contrived photos is counter-intuitive.  Perhaps that should be a resolution of mine this year… What do you think? Are my quick and dirty recipes useful shareware? Or does everyone pretty much know how to wing this stuff already?

Anyway, Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks knows how to do it. She even posted a tutorial 😉 Man, she’s cool.

2. I don’t own a rough-hewn wooden table.

3. I don’t own antique/eclectic/ceramic/farm-chic/uber-modern dishware/servingware/kitchen gear.

4. I don’t have a photographer hanging out while I cook.

5. I don’t follow recipes, nor do I generally write them down. Sometimes I use them as guides, but I (essentially) never follow recipes to the T.

Some options….

1. Suck it up. Take the time to record how much of whatever-it-is you are throwing into that bowl when you cook. Ignore the sense of futility in doing so.

2. Take photos anyway. Better to start bad than not to start at all.

3. Screw country chic. Go for working-class chic. Bring it back, a la Springsteen. Or ugly chic. Retro-Porto-Chic? Make it a thing?…. hmmmm…

4. Go YouTube on the situation. Start playing with the video recording options on the laptop and figure out its capacities (not much, I’m guessing). Try to get a friend or friends to help out. MAYBE just MAYBE one or two of my Portogirls would help me do this from time to time 😉 Consider getting a cheap-ish digital video recorder. And consider upgrading my wordpress page to have video capabilities. (We’re saving money these days, however, so the idea of spending more isn’t a great one…. would it be worthwhile? Would you reader(s) find video tutorials useful?)

Thoughts? Impressions? Ideas? Sympathy with my ugly under-lit kitchen? (Even if we do end up moving to that magic house, the kitchen is still old and ugly… but we have a yard there, so who gives a sh!t about kitchen decor 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Why I’ll never be a food blogger…

  1. I can’t speak for all, but I can say this: I think your blog is funny. I like it. If I don’t read it often, it’s because I am not a computer person, don’t really enjoy reading things on the internet, and would rather SPEND TIME WITH YOU and COOK WITH YOU instead of reading about it. I am probably your last remaining friend who does not even have a facebook account:) As far as blogs go, yours is tops. Great recipes, funny and witty Megan-isms. I don’t think you need any of that high tech stuff, but you know where there is a camera and a willing friend when you want one.

  2. 🙂 You’re awesome 🙂 And I love that you even bother to check it out, because I do know how you loathe the interwebs ;P

    I’m all about a full-on-hang-out-cook-fest. Soon.

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