Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger Update…Twilight Photos

I couldn’t resist the play on words… There are going to be some irritated Googlers (no Edward and Bella photos here, folks.)

This update, of course, is in reference to my previous rant exposition on the improbability of me becoming a successful food blogger.

However, my Gal Pal tried to take photos in my kitchen today, and the camera automatically went to the ‘twilight’ setting. We laughed. A lot.

My Wifey made the recommendation the other day that I go for ‘ugly-urban-retro-chic’ in my food photography. We gave that a whirl today, which at least made the depressing backdrop more amusing than usual 🙂


I don’t actually live in a Gangsta’s Paradise. This is the worst possible view from my apartment. If you want to go for a look, you’ve got to go all out. In my case, ‘all out’ meant opening the kitchen door.  Luckily, it wasn’t raining today.

Personally, I think a little sparkling vinho verde makes everything look a bit brighter 🙂

Serious ups to my Gal Pal in Azeitao for the photography today!


One thought on “Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger Update…Twilight Photos

  1. Yeah, baby. Urban grunge all the way. We never did take photos of the empanadas (yes, I will write it the Spanish way if I want), but they were very tasty!

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