It’s a freakin’ caldeirada over here! (Slang and a Portuguese Fish Stew recipe)

Language is fun.

My Man made caldeirada de peixe last night– essentially a clusterf%ck of fish, veggies, and potatoes. I suppose some might call it a stew. I go with clusterf%ck since I learned the two words (clusterf%ck and caldeirada) are analogous in our relative English/Portuguese slang. Fun, no?

My Man’s cooking is no caldeirada, however…at least not in the slang sense of the word. Folks, My Man can cook. He cooks like a Portuguese grandma…a Portuguese grandma who cooks really good traditional dishes.

Granted, dear reader, I don’t eat fish, or chicken, or meat (or anything that can move around of its own volition), however I can appreciate the rich scents, the appearance of flesh and veg cooked to perfection, and the obvious appreciation of those who do eat some of My Man’s traditional specialties. I can also extrapolate from the vegetarian dishes he cooks from me that he has some degree of skill and finesse in the food arts 🙂

And so, I share with you My Man’s lovely creation:

From what I understand, caldeirada de peixe is made with a variety of fish, some wine, potatoes, olive oil, and veggies of your choice…probably with a bit of stock. You don’t boil it, however… I think it involves almost steaming the contents of the pot until you end up with a stew of all of the combined fish/veggie/wine juices. I think he roughly followed this recipe (in Portuguese, from

It isn’t too hard to translate, actually. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to do it. Otherwise, I’m just happy to brag about my Renaissance Man 🙂


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