Sugar Spiral…From Sugar Cookies to A DIY bag…


I just made a few single-serve raspberry jam/dark chocolate pockets out of a bit more of the puff pastry dough left over from the mini-apple pie. Easy, fresh-baked nuggets of joy. I’m considering starting a single-serve home-baked bake-off series. Hmmmmm….

Second, I’ve stumbled across another blog via ikat bag (site of the greatest sewing tutorials ever) that makes me happy. The blog is The Mother Huddle, and it offers a happy umbrella for craft tutorials, sewing guidance, recipes, life and relationship advice… it’s really good stuff. I think the site is better described as a gang of women who blog together and hang together. 🙂

So, of course, I stumbled to the cooking section- Maria’s Kitchen- and this is what I found :

Maria’s Favorite Sugar Cookies

by Maria on February 13, 2010

These cookies are fantastic! I received this recipe 15 years ago from one of the best cooks in my home town. These soft and delicious sugar cookies are the only ones I make now. They remind me of the kind you buy at the store with the thick frosting on top. You know, the ones they have for every holiday frosted with the appropriate frosting colors. This recipe taste like those, only better.

P.S. This recipe makes about 5 dozen cookies. The cooked cookies freeze un-frosted really well, so if you want to kill two birds with one stone, bust out your four leaf clover cookie cutter and do half hearts, half clovers. Freeze the clovers and your all set for St. Patty’s day too. OR……you can just half the recipe.

…Find out how to make the crackalicious cookies at

Seriously. How good do these cookies look?

To redeem myself, I also found this Tips for Sewing on a Budget piece on the Mother Huddle… I do save the hardware from discarded clothes and belts and broken things so I can incorporate them into other pieces… But I enjoyed reading the tips here 😉

And, from the sewing tips, I meandered a bit in the ‘reuse things like pillowcases’ links, and I landed on this tutorial from Martha Stewart Crafts (see below). Granted, I wouldn’t want a bag made out of any of the old pillowcases we own, but the pattern is super easy, and a plain pillowcase could easily be tweaked into grooviness. At least my sugar spiral has ended well 🙂

Sleeper of a Bag

Sleeper of a Bag

Give an orphaned pillowcase a new home — over your shoulder.

Get the super-easy instructions at


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