“What a tuuune!” – A Scientifically Good Song (via B Good Science Blog)

You know you want the details 🙂

Why this is interesting: it touches on the larger questions regarding WHY certain music makes us feel good, or sad, or pensive, or pumped…granted, there’s a much larger body of variables involved, but this is one piece 🙂


(Hurrah for the B Good Science Blog, by the way… I’m already a big fan!)

"What a tuuune!" - A Scientifically Good Song It’s a Saturday night, you are about to hit the town. There are many things that can affect how good the impending night out is going to be, the quality of the company, amount of alcohol consumed, making it home with all your possessions. The music also obviously plays a key part in the night and scientists have proved that certain songs can create feelings of euphoria and an almost drug like high, observable in the brain. So what music is scient … Read More

via B Good Science Blog


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