In Re: Houses…

A while back, I posted about my excitement/anxiety/angst/elation regarding a possible new house/mortgage/move… This being Portugal, all negotiations go through an agent, and negotiations are slow. Very slow.

Yadda yadda yadda, we’re not going to buy the house. (The details getting us to this point are pretty underwhelming, so I’ve decided to skip them. Because I care. About you. And stuff you’re going through right now.)

We still might rent the house, however…. or we might stick it out in Mafrica through the summer (which will actually be awesome) and then move into the apartment we own have a mortgage on in Malveira. (Malveira, for those of you who don’t live there, is a pretty little place, though it is not as quaint as Mafrica. There’s no palace/convent/historical library, for example. The apartment is in prime real-estate, however, and getting around and walking to the market or the store is a piece of cake. Plus, the apartment is modern, equipped, spacious, insulated, and sunny, from what I’ve heard.)

The upside to pushing off the purchase of a house is actually manifold. True, this is partially attributable to my “always look on the bright side of life…” perspective on stuff I can’t control. (This holds up for the most part…cut me a break ;P) Nonetheless, this way we can enjoy planning and discussing houses, arrangements, design, outdoor spaces, and a host of other details that we otherwise would not have had the luxury of planning. For instance, perhaps we will (someday, in a galaxy far, far away) buy land (either in the Lisbon area or perhaps in the Algarve, where My Man can also work) and build a house. Or maybe we’ll find a house with a huge plot of land, and we’ll have to renovate the house. Or maybe we don’t need a lot of land as much as we thought, but we could build a house with a great courtyard. A straw-bale or rammed earth house would perhaps work, since we prefer a single-level house (perhaps with a loft, because who doesn’t love a loft?). Anyway, the discussions are fun, and they kill time while we’re still freezing our nads off in the Mafrican winter. (It rained all day again. Can you tell by my tone?)

Nowadays, my brain and dreams and many firefox tabs are filled with links not unlike these: (I love the indoor carpet of vegetation on this one!)

(The last one is just fun…)

Anyway, that’s where things stand, for now… No big moves (that we know of) just yet.

At least my sneaky little brain is well-occupied again… world-domination will wait for another day.


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