My Belated Birthday Photos

Well, my birthday wasn’t belated…but the photos most definitely are.

As you’ve certainly had tattooed to some important extremity by now, my birthday was on March 9. Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much. And you’re welcome.

The day was pretty fantastic. In Portugal (at least in my Portugal), people tell you that you are the baby on your birthday, meaning that they do everything for you on that day. It well may be the case that this is My-Man-specific behavior, but I don’t think so. People call and send text messages on your birthday. And My Man spoiled and surprised and amused me on mine…as usual 🙂

There was a bouquet, needless to say, that My Man picked up on his way home from a birthday-morning-bakery run 🙂

And secreted along with the morning fresh-baked treats was a very funny, very sweet, very perfect little birthday cake 🙂

How cute is that? What adds to the humor is, before I moved to Portugal and married My Man, I used to joke with my girlfriends that he was perfect…too perfect, and that I fully expected to one day find a head in the freezer (à la American Psycho). Over a year later, and it finally happened… not long after this photo was taken, I found a clown head in my refrigerator. ;P Sigh. Amusing to me and only to me, I am sure. In my defense, I limited my personal comedic exploration of this tangent to a mental slide show of the clever photos I would stage of the little clown head in the freezer. You’ve been spared that annoying sequence 🙂


And then, we had a lovely picnic at some spot (the name of which I would dream of figuring out) near the sea and frolicked with the Puppy.

And that evening we had a romantic dinner with incredible wine at Terra Mar. (Yes, it is a seafood place, but the view and the wines and the proximity to our apartment make it an ideal date out!)

What’s a clown head in the freezer when you get spoiled like this? 😉


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