Love the idea- Mint Julep recipe via

I always loved the idea of mint juleps, but the one time I remember tasting one, I really didn’t like it. Bless for the background info on this drink… it seems like the idea of this drink is particularly beloved, though it is rarely consumed. Who knew?

Feel adventurous? Make one yourself 😉

Mint Julep Recipe


Total: Under 5 mins

Active: Under 5 mins

Makes: 1 drink

Mint JulepSee More in the Gallery

From: Field Guide to Cocktails , by Rob Chirico

The world-renowned Mint Julep is a mixture of mint, sugar, and bourbon, but some historians argue that the first Juleps may have been made with common brandy. If Freud is more talked about than read, the Mint Julep is more read about than drunk. One survey revealed that while 70 percent of Americans not from the South had never tasted a Mint Julep, 73 percent of Southerners had never had one either.

…Get the rest of the story (AND the recipe) at


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