Chocolate chip cookie psych out

I just conquered the WORST craving for chocolate chip cookies… actually, for chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I looked up recipes (google “Healthy chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies”… there are plenty to choose from), I narrowed down choices to try (of course, I was strongly considering one with olive oil rather than butter)…

And then I thought of how, no matter how ‘healthy’ I make a batch of cookies, they’ll be nothing like ‘healthy’ by the time I polish off about a dozen of them on my own— and this is exactly what I would do, since I was jonesing.

Luckily, I killed the jones with a little psych out… no, I didn’t magic some amazing chewy cookies, but I nibbled on good dark chocolate while chomping down on some integral biscuits (like Marie biscuits or graham crackers), and it hit just enough notes to make my belly into a more rational monster.

Dietary disaster averted 🙂


One thought on “Chocolate chip cookie psych out

  1. That’s exactly how I do it now that the kids are away and I am the only one who appreciates my baking. You learned long before I did. Wools

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