Scones– quick ‘n’ dirty ‘n’ highly functional…

I’m a huge fan of my Honey Oatmeal Scones. I don’t mind saying, they are delicious.

However, I wanted to find a quick, dirty, lighter, versatile, butter-free, and highly adaptable scone recipe. Something that could go savory, sweet, and/or generally be sexxed up (or left plain) without much ado.


Check out this recipe for No-Butter Scones.

I used a bit more yogurt than called for (a whole single-serve container of fat free, unsweetened yogurt), plus the milk. And I threw in a handful of wheat germ (because that’s what I do).

They were easy drop scones. They are light, fluffy, and basic. Butter and jam are great with them (of course!), but I think they would be an extra-fabulous base for grated cheese and garlic variations…. or rosemary… or even thyme… Some folks (see the comments on the recipe page) threw in fruit yogurt and enjoyed that subtle variation. I’d wager that a bit of vanilla and/or cinnamon would also work some happy wonders here.

Anyway, this recipe worked quite well for me, and I recommend it for a quick fix. (There’s no comparison with the Honey Oatmeal Scones, honestly, if you want a sweet or more “special” sort of scone experience 🙂 But I’m keeping this recipe up my sleeve, for sure!)


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