The Halloween Post

“Halloween” as a festive concept is nascent here in Portugal. I’ve heard repeated that “only in the past five years” has it emerged at all as a (potential) commercial holiday. Now, kids do the usual crafts in school, there’s a smattering of kitsch to be found in stores…but there’s not much more than that. The ‘real’ holiday is on November 1– a joyless day involving putting flowers on the graves of relatives (if you are among the older generation), or having lunch with one’s living relatives on the day before or after they’ve gone to the cemetery to do so. The closest thing to trick-or-treating that takes place is, as far as I can tell, the tradition of knocking on doors and requesting bread for God… but this isn’t widespread anymore. I think my nephew does this whenever he is out in the countryside visiting the family ‘homeland’ 😉

Carnival is the Halloween-equivalent here 🙂

My little dude will be out of the womb and ready to party by the time Halloween rolls around next year. Planting the roots of a family/friend tradition of celebrating Halloween was, therefore, essential this year. My little dude is going to have Halloween AND Carnival…:)

Despite a minor plague which knocked many of our younger pals out of commission for the day, we still managed to gather up a few survivors and Portuguese pioneers for the great event this year. My Man and I gathered essential supplies as well as we could, and we threw our first Halloween party at home 🙂

Here are photos of the crafty tidbits, spooky snacks, and creepy aftermath of the party 😉

Spooky orange and clementine 'jack-o-lanterns' made for economical party decorations

This little dude even snuck into the bathroom to scare guests...
...and so did his friend...
This guy kept careful watch over the nuts and chips...
Of course, there were blood-spattered, jack-o-lantern-topped cookies to be had...
There's always the loner hanging out by the books...
...and the sleazy guy hanging out by the drinks...
This little ghost was terrified by the amount of cholesterol in the cheese plate...

Art supplies and a pumpkin, ready for kid-friendly Jack-o-Lantern decoration! (no knives...)
I was so excited to see chicken nuggets in Halloween shapes at Lidl...perfect for kids 😉
The fridge was stocked with "blood" jello (gelatin-free!) and very cute (though truly disgusting) box-mix cupcakes with very green icing...
Some of our younger pals brought over some artwork as a gift for the house 🙂 (I have the sneaking suspicion that their teacher printed out the same templates MY teacher used back in the day...)
The terrifying result of Jack-o-Lantern fun time 😉
And an even darker, perhaps spookier, Jack-o-Lantern created by another pal...
And some fine, seasonal art by our youngest really ties it all together 🙂

Happy Halloween, folks 😉 I hope my Gal Pal will be back in Portugal for Halloween next year…we’ll make our “famous” caramel apples again!


3 thoughts on “The Halloween Post

  1. How cute is this?! I love making fun things and then still getting to eat them. No waste is a good thing. Very cleaver my child. Very cleaver. You will be a fantastic little Mother. Me

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