2 minutes (updated with photos of puff pastry baklava hack)

That’s my guess, anyway, at how much time I have to write this. It’s also my new goal– I miss writing, and it’s been too long. I’ve got a baby –Grandissimo, let’s call him– and it feels like two minutes is the maximum amount of time that passes that he’s not in my arms, on my breast, or calling me back.

I don’t have much time. So, I’ll see what I can do with two minutes a pop 😉

Right, so where did we leave off? Halloween, I think! I’ve got plenty of old photos of food to share, folks, and I’ll get those up when My Man is home. My favorite food hack involves the use of refrigerated puff pastry dough to make a makeshift baklava. None of the effort, and close-enough results. It works when you’ve got a mean craving 😉 You could cut the dough into squares and layer with honey, cinnamon, nuts, etc. (though beware…that honey RUNS and will be all over your baking paper), or if you REALLY don’t want to make the effort, just spread the goods onto the open dough and roll it up. Throw it in the oven. Wait until it puffs and gets lightly brown, and then eat to your heart’s content.

[Update: Here’s what my roll’o’baklava looked like! It was *nearly* instant gratification…]

Funny that THAT’s what I’m writing with my two minutes 😉

Also, I had a baby since we last talked. ;P

I’ll see you soon!
–Mama Gradissima


2 thoughts on “2 minutes (updated with photos of puff pastry baklava hack)

  1. Well- I am happy to see you start your writing again. Motherhood is not for sissy’s for sure. The baby is incredibly fortunate to have such talented and devoted parents who invest the time day in and day out. Write when you can and as often as you can but don’t expect much free time. As for the snacky frozen pastry idea….it is delicious and amazingly easy. Keep ideas coming and thanks. Wools

    1. Wools! Thank you (as always) for the encouragement! Your comments the other week actually spurred me to “action” 😉 I’ll try to keep it up. As for motherhood… wow. WOW. This is HARD. I always knew it was, but experiencing that it is…well, that’s a whole new game 😉 It’s pretty fabulous, though. I get to keep Grandissimo, at least for a while. 😉 That makes it worth the effort!

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