Another deuce

…And speaking of juicy deuces, what a surprise I had earlier today… Exploding diapers never get boring. Not ever.

Gross. Sorry. I knew that.

And so here’s the story of the moment: My parents are fantastic.

They came and stayed with us for two months…about two weeks before the birth (a ‘surprise’ C-section, as opposed to the planned ‘all natural’ birth…I’m pretty sure that ‘natural’ birth is much, much easier.) and they left last week.

In that time, I did dishes maybe twice. Laundry, none. They dusted, they swept, they vacuumed, they pre-washed G-diapers by hand…they tolerated my pre-natal and post-natal psychosis as only parents could (ok… perhaps it’s unsavory to jest about psychosis in this context, as it is a very serious issue. However, “baby blues” is just too euphemistic for my taste. “Psychosis” seems a much better tongue-in-cheek reference to what it really was. Or PTSD. Hm. But I’ve digressed…)…. AND they gave me a new iPad2.

Yup. I can’t type much on the beauty, but at least I have the chance to read email sometimes when Grandissimo is eating. And to read e-books. And listen to music. And surf the net. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Anyway, without Mom and Dad, (despite the fabulous hard work and lovin’ nurturing of My Man, who really does take great care of me/us), I feel sure I would have been wading around in two feet of filth in the apartment these last weeks.

There aren’t words for how much those two do for me, but these are a start.


3 thoughts on “Another deuce

  1. Agree entirely!!! Enough cannot be said to thank them, although now as a parent I now it’s not the words anyway. It’s the actions. My daughters sleepy ” I love you mummy” accompanied bu a cuddle is one of the best things Ever!
    I also have two minutes as I hastily scoff a chicken salad wrap while willing Willam to sleep so I can start the next lot of jobs! although a coffee is definitely on the list. We miss you. SO HAPPY you are back writing!! I’ve missed feeling part of your world. You go amazing baby mumma! xxx

  2. Your parents are so lucky to have you and they will be delighted to read your post. Plug along and keep pushing steadily and ever so slowly forward. It does get easier and the baby’s little arms will soon reach around you to hug you back. Being a new Mother is one of the hardest things you will ever do but the most rewarding.
    Yes- keep writing!

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