A rough sketch of a recipe: Fiber Protein Chocolate Quick Bars

There’s bound to be a better name just begging to be used for these (names add so much to food…just think of the difference between “white bean purée” and “some beans I threw into the blender”), but, alas, I’m on borrowed time. {If a respectable name comes to you, please let me know!}

The concoction that came from yesterday’s kitchen adventure (Grandíssimo in tow) was assembled using the following ingredients:

  • around a cup of walnuts
  • around a cup of almonds
  • a generous pour of sesame seeds
  • a generous pour of flax seeds
  • a sandwich bag of frozen apple chunks (subsequently microwaved)
  • maybe a cup or two of oatmeal flakes
  • maybe a quarter cup of wheat flakes
  • a generous pour of wheat bran
  • a generous pour of wheat germ
  • a generous pour of good quality cocoa powder
  • a handful of chocolate chips
  • a few squares of dark chocolate I had lying around
  • a small container of fat free unsweetened yogurt (go soy for vegan version)
  • a healthy dash of salt
  • about a teaspoon of baking powder
  • about a 1/4 cup of olive oil

I think that’s it. I threw all things into the food processor, dry ingredients first, and blended until I suspected I might burn out the motor. {NB: I saved some chocolate chips and threw them on as I was spreading the mix into the tray.}

Then, I lined my baking tray with baking paper (as is my wont) and scooped the rather sticky, very thick, espresso-ey dough onto the tray. I oiled my hands with a bit of olive oil (a prophylactic measure, as I knew it was all going to be quite sticky. It worked well.) and smoothed out the dough in a roughly even layer.

I baked this mess of goodness at about 170 degrees C (335-340 degrees F ) until it seemed set and solid… not burnt but not gooey. Let’s say it was 20 minutes, though I really have no idea.

They came out like dense but not gooey brownies. I didn’t add sugar, so they weren’t very sweet. There is enough chocolate involved, however, to satisfy that curious need, and enough proteins, fiber, and healthy fats to keep a person satisfied after a square or two of the bars. There are a few random apple chunks in the bars, and they are a bit crumbly (but not too dry). I rather like them. They taste good, but they taste healthy. And they are.

I used a pizza cutter to cut the mess into squares. I ate all the crusty, overcooked edges, and then I put half in the freezer, half in the fridge.

So far today, they’ve passed the test for my new “one-handed food” diet. Most of the time, I’ve only got one hand to work with, so the foods I eat during the day must be one-hand accessible. This doesn’t always lead to the healthiest choices. These bars, however, are a pretty good adaptation 😉 Note that these are also “Portuguese-approved”…that is to say, My Man keeps stealing from my stash 😉 Therefore, they can’t possibly taste too “healthy”.

Here are a few hasty shots :


6 thoughts on “A rough sketch of a recipe: Fiber Protein Chocolate Quick Bars

  1. Oh- I have tasted a number of your strange concoctions. It may sound “different” but I can say with absolute certainty that they taste amazing and have a way of satisfying my cravings for sweets that I do not need but really, really want. I love this and want you to fix it for me on my next visit. I know how tasty your inventions are and I know they are healthy. Keep on keeping on.

    1. Ah, Wools! You give me the nicest comments! These are really good, I have to say. And for our next visit, I’ll make you this or another concoction…anything you want! I’ve been snacking on these since yesterday, and I haven’t had any junk food the whole time. This, coming from a hungry, breast feeding, tired new mom who has been eating at least one bar of chocolate each day…. 🙂

  2. Ok, wheat flakes, wheat germ and wheat bran – Aussie versions….? 🙂 I’m inspired to try this one…. But seriously – you had some chocolate squares just floating around…..? Not sure that’s ever happened for me ;-)!! love reading your posts!

    1. Haha! The chocolate squares were survivors from a bar long since ravaged and forgotten (abandoned for larger prey, perhaps?) 🙂 I wouldn’t even bother looking around for exact ingredients! I just threw in all the healthy, fiber-rich cereals and flakes I had in my cupboard…you know, those things that you know you should incorporate somehow into your diet, but you never quite manage to do it? 🙂

      For me, the point of this adventure (aside from stocking up on some much needed healthy munchies that I can eat while holding and/or nursing Grandíssimo) was to jump back into making healthy, yummy, and easy food. The key was to find out what I could pull off using only my food processor and a baking tray in the oven…minimal clean up, no measuring to speak of, and baking I didn’t have to be too attentive to. The takeaway lesson? PLAY with thine food processor…it’ll probably work out 🙂 and with these ingredients, I knew my worst case scenario would be that I had tasty crumbs to mix into yogurt for the next two weeks 😉

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