The perverse pleasures of naptime…

Ah… I realized I’m getting an almost perverse pleasure out of just logging into WordPress today. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to write something, and these fleeting naptimes are all over the place– usually about 5 minutes long before Grandíssimo wakes up, pissed (it’s been a tricky couple of days)…but sometimes they go for an hour. You never know until the nap is over!

The uncertainty just adds to the naughty thrill of writing 😉

And so, here are some thought nuggets I’ve half-written in my head the past few days:

1. Is it ‘writing’ if you don’t type it or put it on paper? I’ve been writing a fair bit in my head, but I rarely get to the computer in a timely manner. Is this sort of a ‘tree falling in the forest’ question?

2. Bjorn to Bake– so bad, it had to be said. I found myself lamenting, yesterday, that Past Gradíssima didn’t make enough cookies and cookie bars to freeze for then-Future-Now-Current-Gradíssima to eat on the fly. My Man encouraged me to see what I could whip up, with an offer to swoop in a take Grandíssimo should a baby freakout ensue (My Man was studying, and I was on baby duty).

That gentle nudge led to some tasty goodness.

…Aw…SNAP! Grandíssimo is awake…

Ok, remind me to tell you about the healthy-fiber-protein-one-bowl-wonder-bars I made yesterday…

gotta run!


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