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Ian O’Neill asks the question we’ve all been wondering about the Higgs Particle

Aka, a teaser to a cool article from Discovery News 🙂

Good ol’ Ian. 🙂 I enjoy reading his analyses. He clearly enjoys writing, and he doesn’t (as far as I’ve read) go uber-science-douche on people for their beliefs. (I’m not anti-science at all. I’m anti-douche from any background or philosophical standpoint.)  I think of him as a great Slate Explainer -style analyst for popular science issues.

Some examples of these issues follow:

In the Higgs post below, he has fun with the grandfather paradox, M theory, and the Higgs particle as they related to the Large Hadron Collider. He even references Futurama in doing so. 🙂

The real reason I’m reposting this, of course, is to serve up some brainfood to compensate for all those beer milk shakes you just downed. 🙂


We’ve heard the story; a time traveler goes back in time, killing his grandfather. The upshot is that the time traveler ceases to exist. If the time traveler doesn’t exist, how could he have traveled back in time to kill his grandfather?

This logical paradox is known as the “Grandfather Paradox,” and although it makes for a great science fiction storyline — or a seriously creepy Futurama “Grandma Paradox” adaptation — it is a perplexing conundrum that has physicists scratching their heads.


You’ll want to follow this mental snack with a “God Hates the Higgs Boson” chaser. (Trust me, it’s a good read, it’s entertaining and it’s inoffensive. )