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Kladdkaka update– HOT!

I just had to let you know– I made the Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake- Kladdkaka– last night and added 1 tsp of piri-piri infused oil (fairly intense heat). It was AMAZING. Really amazing. Ecstasy. It was like the perfect marriage of molten, sugary sweet chocolate and liquid red hots

It isn’t for everyone. My Man wasn’t a fan. He doesn’t like chili pepper in all things, as I do. Also, the combination of chili and chocolate, or sweet and salty, or many things we do in the US– these things aren’t common in the Portuguese palate. Then again, I simply don’t abide citrus in baked goods, so we all have things, right? Still, he didn’t dislike it so much that he couldn’t enjoy two slices. ;P

With this one, I recommend 20 minutes at 175C/350F. Top with loads of powdered sugar. It also freezes very, very well…and because it is so gooey and liquid, it is very easy to slice off a piece when frozen…and eat it on the spot. I checked today. For science.

Nonetheless, if this sounds good to you–this spicy, devilish cocktail of love– then I recommend you try it ASAP! It’s duct tape for the soul.


Sneaky cookies…healthy-ish, high-fiber, and full of goodness

I just made these, and My Man and I enjoy them. 🙂 The cookie is sweet and light, despite the spread in the oven, and the hidden square of chocolate has just the right burst of naughtiness without overloading your blood sugar 🙂

Let me know what you think of the recipe format…I’m using my iPad so much these days, and writing is much easier than typing on the screen…

Anyway, here goes! Perhaps I’ll get more of my back -logged recipes up soon if Grandíssimo helps me out a little 😉


Kiss me, I’m a milk shake (Guinness Milk Shake recipe, via Chow.com)

People get a little crazy for St. Patrick’s Day, which is, of course, part of the fun. Without the green booze, green icing, green stickers and pins, and stupid mass-produced shirts/aprons/hats, it would be just another saint’s day (not like St. Valentine, but rather one of the more boring, less marketable saints.)

Who needs that? Besides, I love booze. And icing. And with enough booze, I find kitsch amusing (even endearing, sometimes).

All the same, sometimes I like to indulge (in memory of the Saint, of course!) with a little less food-coloring and a little more flavor. When I saw Chow.com had this recipe on their website, I knew it was the one.

For some, the idea of beer and ice cream might seem, well, nasty. The key here is that it is a stout with ice cream. I went through a beer milk shake (more of a beer float, really) phase in university with my friends. Any dark, rich (preferably microbrewed, for snob appeal) stout works. The stout+sweet ice cream becomes a rich, velvety, chocolatey goodness all of its own. You won’t get drunk (or buzzed) off of one of these (if you are in your late teens or early twenties, just stop reading and go drink a gallon of green beer), but you will appreciate the new flavor 🙂

So, without further ado, here ’tis:

Get the recipe at http://www.chow.com/recipes/29419-guinness-milk-shake?tag=nl.e350

What’s cooking now- Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies (I HOPE!)

Here’s what I’m working on now:

Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies on Food.com

Meanwhile, my Frangelico marzipan turned out beautifully. I left it covered on the countertop overnight. It was easy to work with this evening, and now I have little Frangelico marzipan balls coated in chocolate (sprinkled with ground hazelnuts, of course) chilling in the refrigerator.

The sugar cookie dough is resting and chilling a little in the back room (I didn’t have any room in my refrigerator to chill the dough), and soon I’ll roll out little balls and cook them in the oven (currently heating).

The only downside I forsee is that this recipe is not supposed to work well with cookie cutters 😦 Apparently, the soft and chewy goodness spreads out of shape too much.

Not to worry. I’m a survivor.

I’ll make my shortbread cookies (all with a Portuguese-palate-friendly cinnamon…or with some chopped almonds. mmmm…), and I’ll make cute little Christmas shapes with those.

It must be done, on a matter of principle.

Then, the rest of the night will involve trying to make cute gifts out of cookies treats, and using materials I have here to package things ever-so-prettily….

Wish me luck. And Merry Christmas to you. (It’s nearly Christmas Eve Eve now, you know!)