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Unbearable cuteness…in my laundry?…And 23 weeks, today.

There is so much cuteness hanging up in my living room on the clothes-drying rack right now.  I’ve started washing the little onesies and other baby clothes we’ve gathered, and they are painfully cute.  Today, we picked up two ginormous sacks of hand-me-downs from a cousin whose little boy has outgrown them, and it’s quite an ecclectic collection… some of my favorites so far are:

  1. The pimp coat (a white faux-fur hooded coat)
  2. The intellectual sweater (a bland, beige cardigan from Bennetton that looks like something I would have worn to death in grad school- much to the chagrin of my then-boyfriend.)
  3. The little sea-green baby converse that Little Dude is going to ROCK. 😛

Of course, we have things that I brought back from the US and that Mom and Dad brought over, but it’s always fun to see what you get in those hand-me-downs! Lil’ Dude is going to rock. (I know I just said that, but it’s ever-so-true!)

Little Dude also has treasures from America–

  1. Mom tracked down a blanket that Grandma (Dad’s Mom) made for my eldest sibling…as the story goes, it’s the only handicraft she ever made, and she had a hell of a time doing it. It is blue and pink crocheted scallops, and quite special.
  2. Grandma (Mom’s Mom, still causing trouble) made a lovely green, soft, knit blanket…. gentle rows of sage green and white contrasted with knitted rows….lovely.
  3. Mom made a lovely golden blanket, quite similar to this… all of Mom’s work is impressive 🙂
  4. Mom found a little weensie knit hooded jumper that she’d made for me (and that I’d worn) as a baby…it’s an adorable little yellow ball of cuteness.

On top of this, Mom knitted some very groovy ensembles…another hooded jumper, a couple pairs of baby booties, an extra cool pair of booties that look like moon boots… and, (photos must come soon, I realize) a ‘garlic bulb’. I’ll explain.

I made a ‘monkey sock’ for Bestie’s Baby….a light cotton circular-knit tube, closed at one end, that was intended to function as a blanket that the little muppet wouldn’t kick off. I thought this would be a good idea since I’d been watching my little niece kick blankets off (for the fun of it) while in her stroller and at times when a blanket really was a good idea. I didn’t know if Bestie Baby would like it, or if Bestie would think it looked like some trash, but she appreciated it, and Bestie Baby rocked it very well.

Since that worked, I decided to make a bigger and warmer one for my Little Dude…Little Dude will be living in a much cooler climate than Bestie Baby, so his was knit with thicker yarn…and I made this one bigger so he could use it for longer. It’s pea green with buttery yellow stripes. That sounds nasty, but it’s cute. It’s a ‘pea pod’.

Then, Mom and Dad came for a visit, so Mom made her own groovy baby sock…. Obviously, she made a ‘garlic bulb’ 🙂 Ribbed at the top to cling to baby’s midsection, big around the legs for kicking room, and tied at the bottom, so a diaper change doesn’t necessarily require removal of the sock.

And then (and I realize it’s all gotten out of hand by this point, but don’t worry…it’s the last one), I made a ‘humpty dumpty’. (Apparently, I can’t help myself with the nicknames for random objects. Carry on.) The ‘humpty dumpty’ is a groovy striped sock with legs at the very bottom…the legs can be loosely tied together when the baby is sleeping, so it is just a sock…. but if you want to use it in the Baby Bjorn, untie the legs, slide the Little Dude down, and roll the top front down into a little pillow for the Bjorn… the back can roll up over the head like a little hood. Cozy goodness on the go.

As I said, I stopped after making the ‘humpty dumpty’ as I realized this had all gone too far 🙂

Aside from all of these things, Little Dude has groovy onesie hand-me-downs from Bestie’s Baby… (tie-dye, peace symbols, Bob Marley… the usual) and a Paul Frank monkey suit I found at a consignment store.

My child does not need any more clothes… until he’s one. Then we’ll need more.

And finally, today marks the end of week #23 of this pregnancy 😉 I’m almost 6 months! Craziness 😉

Knitting plastic bags… a not-quite-tutorial

Creative upcycling is fun. What is even more interesting (to me), is finding out that other people have independently come up with crazy ideas that I have 🙂 And the best part? Being able to Google random ideas and find instructions, lessons learned, and tips and tricks for almost anything you can think of.

I love the internet. 🙂

The other month or so, I thought, “surely, people knit using old plastic grocery bags. Cut ’em in strips, and they’re knitable…”…

At the time, I figured I’d find one or two kooky rogue bloggers and design students who have given it a whirl.

I was wrong.

Knitting with plastic bags is a whole ‘thing’ 🙂 Love it.

[Do a quick search on Google for “knitting plastic bags”… 🙂 ]

It wasn’t long before I found a site (Pie and Coffee) with a handy, easy to follow, basic tutorial on how to get the most material out of one bag.

After a few tries and experiments with different gauge knitting needles, I got the hang of it.

So now what?

Make a market bag for a friend, of course 😉 (Ugly? Yes.  Imperfect? Hell yes.  Unexpected birthday gift? Of course.  Sweet? I think so!  )

The front/bottom/back are one knitted rectangle with varying plastic types for each section. The bottom/middle of the rectangle is composed of thicker, less stretchy plastics (for more durability) while the mid-section of the front and back are from regular grocery sacks. The top sections are of a mid-thickness plastic. All strips are about an inch wide, knit with 8 gauge needles.

The side panels are regular grocery sacks cut into two-inch strips, knit with 17 gauge needles (so they can stretch to make more room if the bag is full, but the thicker strips have enough strength to compensate…I hope!).

The handles are a simple braid of three strands done in a loop to provide a bit of extra support to the bag. The bags here were cut in half to make very thick, strong pieces.

The components were sewn together with an embroidery needle and some sturdy thread, using double-triple stitches, widely spaced.

This is why I don’t do tutorials. Description ain’t my forte. (For bad-ass tutorials that you can really use if you want to learn how to sew, etc., go to Ikat Bag. LiEr rocks. Hard.)

My baby franken-bag? Here ’tis:

Side view of Frankenbag
Front view of Frankebag