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YAY! Check this out: CHOW Member of the Month: The Blender Girl

I just saw this on Chow, and I’m energized. I like Blender Girl already 🙂

CHOW Member of the Month: The Blender Girl

Published on Monday, February 14, 2011, by Jill Santopietro / Edit Post

After a conversation with The Blender Girl, a.k.a. Tess Masters, the LA-based, Australian-born, worldly cook of mostly gluten-free and vegan foods, Tess’s focus on energy-rich foods was crystal clear. She’s got serious gusto. Tess started her site in July 2009 as a way of sharing recipes with friends. Since then, she’s been posting lots of recipes for allergy-friendly foods, many of which can be made in minutes using a blender. The Blender Girl has shared so many of her recipes with CHOW.com that we’ve decided to spotlight her as the CHOW member of the month. Check out her profile, as well as four of her recipes that we really liked(…)

…Get the whole, delicious article, plus Blender Girl’s seriously mouthwatering recipes at http://www.chow.com/food-news/73181/chow-member-of-the-month-the-blender-girl/


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Better Late Than Never…

Alright…I’m WAY behind on my blog, and I own that. Sorry, readers. I’d blame it on the holidays, but I can’t be bothered. Really, I’ve just been lazy. I’ve got some good postings to catch up on, too. My gal pal in Azeitão, for one, sent me a great recipe (tested by me, among other experts) and she wrote a posting of her own. I have my Christmas post. And I’m sure I’ve got a few zingers pent up after so long without writing. I have to, right?

But meanwhile, I’m protesting the bad weather, drinking American-Friends-era-coffeeshop-sized-cups of coffee, and eating cereal for lunch because I don’t feel like cooking. Or washing vegetables. Or getting up.

Despite my impressive cold-weather-induced laziness, I’ve still managed to find something wonderful.

Granted, lots and lots of other people have also found this something wonderful, but as the title of today’s post indicates, it is better to find good things late than to never have found them at all…

I (re-)share with you, Karla’s Closet.

Why you should check this out:

1. She’s absolutely adorable.

2. She has my haircut (before I started growing it out).

3. We could be twins. If I were in better shape. And cuter. And had better bone structure. And if I was more put-together. Aside from that, I’m telling you- twins.

4. Cute fashion. Simple fashion. Elegant fashion. Fun fashion. Happy photos. Giggles. Cuteness.

Anyway, you’ve probably already enjoyed her blog, since I’m the last one on the bandwagon. If not, do it now, and climb on aboard with me. We’ll sneak in the back door together and pretend like we’ve been there the whole time ;P