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It’s time for Mafrica…

My man is freezing his tintins off in the field. My dog is dreaming in his bed. My parents are enjoying the afternoon in Arizona. My girls in Timor are already sweating on their way to work, a thin layer of dust settling into their pores.

It’s raining in Mafrica.

I don’t feel like studying Portuguese right now. My eyes are too strained for painting. Packing for Friday morning’s flight to the US is out of the question, because I don’t want to.

Ah. Of course. I’ll start a blog.

I won’t start with the suggested (thanks, Wifey, but I’m uninspired) anthropological commentary of variations among social groups regarding folk healing and food knowledge in contemporary Portuguese society.

[If you are bored, I suggest checking out http://anchorednomad.blogspot.com/. See especially her post “Ice Water Kills”. Incidentally, among “my” people, ice water just slows digestion, although I frequently make waves by tempting illness by walking barefoot on tile. It’s a dangerous world 😉 Of course, every culture has these things… but that is precisely what I’m not getting into right now.]

What I will commit to before I take my contacts out and find something brainless and happy to watch on sidereel, is a quick list of other blogs… guaranteed time-suck marvels. You’ll enjoy them. (My impulse to refer people to other authors is a remnant, perhaps, from my years in academia. Or not.)

In no particular order, might I recommend:

You’re welcome 🙂