In Re: Gradissima

I’m on a quest for uma vida integral. That’s ‘an integral life’ (kinda) in Portuguese. In Portuguese, however, integral is normally used in reference to breads or pastas– as in whole-grain. Nonetheless, I’m poaching it, and I’m slapping it onto life in a phrase that I made up. Because I like the sound of it. And because I can.

That’s really the important bit about me.

Here are some other details:

I’m a Midwesterner (US) who went to university in the desert (Arizona), then grad school in the rainy northwest (Washington State), who subsequently lived in developing Southeast Asia (Timor-Leste). Along the way, I’ve spent quality time in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and I’ve had shorter forays to lots of other fun places. Now, I live in Portugal.

I’m an anthropologist, a writer, a painter, a partner, a puppy-parent, a mom, a board member for an awesome NGO, and I’ve been a teacher, proofreader, public relations chick, embassy liaison chick, impoverished volunteer for a health clinic, program manager and Timor-Leste country rep for a university, a pregnant person, and several other things I’ve forgotten.

As a third-wave feminist, anthropologist, and generally groovy chick, I find this life fascinating and rewarding. I’m also quite proud of myself for my choice in partner.

In this light, I’m adjusting to a “normal” life in Portugal.  And, for the most part, I’m loving it.

I’m winging almost everything (a liberating learning process– highly recommended), and I thought it might be useful to other folks out there to share the websites, recipes, and home tips that are helping me skate by.

Also, just writing “I’m loving it” cued Jack Donaghy’s voice in my head.

Languages I kind of know:
American English, Australian English, fading Indonesian, respectable Tetum, improving Portuguese, deeply-buried French, Spanish, and a sneaky semester of Biblical Hebrew. I’m closely related to an accomplished Farsi linguist and someone proficient in medical and financialspeak…does that count?


2 thoughts on “In Re: Gradissima

    1. 🙂 Thank you!!! That’s fine with me (though I think I’d prefer to leave off my actual name, for now) 🙂 I really appreciate the support, and I’ll add you to my blogroll too 🙂

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